TARDIS Cabinets of South Wales

I'm a

Wood is my chosen medium. Perhaps in a parallel universe I’m a painter or poet, in this reality, I’m a cabinet maker & TARDIS builder.

All the wood used in all the boxes I build (large and small) are hardwoods. (tight grain, more durable)  Mostly Poplar, Ash, Oak, and Birch.

These cabinets and boxes are handmade with care. By a Whovian.

I'm a Doctor Who fan because the show is optimistic and whimsical and exciting. I like optimism and whimsy and excitement.

I attended Colorado University in Boulder, and the Banff School of Fine Art in Alberta, Canada. I am now living in Llangyfelach, Wales. I approach my woodworking as an art, not a hobby and have been making sawdust since 1980.

I'm a craftsman. I'm a small businessman. I've been a Doctor Who fan since Tom was the Doctor.

I also build natural wood Public Call Box inspired cabinets & boxes for those, like myself, who appreciate the wood's native beauty. More exotic woods include East Indian & Brazilian Rosewood, Ecuadorian Purpleheart, American Black Walnut, and Birch Burl.

Visit The Rosewood and The Walnut to see specialty builds using unique hardwoods.

The Work

Boxes and cabinets from small accurate ring boxes to 1/2 scale and even bigger (for local pick-up)
Here are some examples of my work.