Wood is my chosen medium. Perhaps in a parallel universe I’m a painter or poet, in this reality, I’m a cabinet maker & TARDIS builder.

All the wood used in all the boxes I build (large and small) are hardwoods. (tight grain, more durable)  Mostly Poplar, Ash, Oak, and Birch.

These cabinets and boxes are handmade with care. By a Whovian.

I'm a Doctor Who fan because the show is optimistic and whimsical and exciting. I like optimism and whimsy and excitement.

I attended Colorado University in Boulder, and the Banff School of Fine Art in Alberta, Canada. I am now living in Llangyfelach, Wales. I approach my woodworking as an art, not a hobby and have been making sawdust since 1980.

I'm a craftsman.

I'm a small businessman.

I've been a Doctor Who fan since Tom was the Doctor.

I also build natural wood Public Call Box inspired cabinets & boxes for those, like myself, who appreciate the wood's native beauty. More exotic woods include East Indian & Brazilian Rosewood, Ecuadorian Purpleheart, American Black Walnut, and Birch Burl.

The Shop

Boxes and cabinets from small accurate ring boxes to 1/2 scale and even bigger (for local pick-up)
Here are some examples of my work.

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