Cabinet Details

The box is built from East Indian Rosewood. A beautiful species with violet purple hues and dark streaks. These particular boards were harvested 70+ years ago. I believe that I paid proper respect for this lovely wood by transforming it into this cabinet.

I added touches of newer & sustainable Brazilian Rosewood, Ecuadorian Purpleheart, and American Black Walnut. The windows are Birch Burl with Rosewood inlay and the "Pull to Open" sign is Birch Burl with a Brazilian Rosewood frame. The door handles are hand-carved from American Ash.

Inside the door, I designed a removable Birch Burl and Rosewood hand mirror. The mirror snaps snugly in the door, but removes easily for use. The mirror glass itself is manufactured by 'Crystal Florida' These are the highest quality beveled mirrors available in today's market.   Just saying.

Five fully removable hardwood drawers are clad in Birch Burl with Rosewood and Purpleheart edging, trimmed in copper foil, and carefully lined in buttery soft faux suede. Drawers feature various arrangements of dividers to hold earrings, rings, watches, or bracelets. A total of 27 spaces in the 5 drawers.

The top lamp, 3D printed in clear resin from an original design, is based on the 2010 TARDIS. The door swings on an oil-rubbed Bronze, 105° piano hinge.

All wood surfaces are finished by hand-rubbing 3 applications of Tung oil to preserve and bring out the natural luster of this beautiful wood grain. Tung oil enriches the grain and forms a hard, penitrating, water-repelling, layer.

This cabinet ships worldwide within two business days. The price is $980 +shipping

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